The TEDx Bærekraftige live event was held in Bergen, Norway for the first time in 2020 and focused on how to live sustainably and the preservation of the the earth’s health during a time of revival as the world continues to work through the danger of the Covid-19 pandemic.
This TEDx event was originally supposed to be a live conference in Bergen, but because of Covid-19 restrictions, it was decided that the event had to be moved online. Myreze had the pleasure of coming up with an alternative this year and contributed to its eco-friendly message with the design of a groundbreaking virtual solution that cuts carbon emissions drastically for the speakers involved as it overlooks the city upon Mount Fløyen. Since the event had to be moved to a virtual studio, it was important that it was one that made a strong visual impact as it was the first virtual TEDx event in history, so it couldn’t be just any regular studio. Virtual conferencing solutions are emerging as an increasingly popular choice for businesses and organizations to use as the number of people working from home continues to rise - But most of them are boring and uninspiring, which is the last thing you need when absorbing important information. TED talks are about learning from an expert in their field, and keeping a strong focus on the speaker is important. Our TEDx studio lets the speaker use virtual graphs or other visual elements that can appear anywhere around them to better explain their topic, as well as a sliding screen that rotates into position behind the speaker when presenting. 
Produced by MYREZE AS

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